Yosemite Sam Sayings

Whoa camel! Whoa! - "Sahara Hare"Ooooooooooooooooooooo!”
“Shut up shuttin’ up!”
“Come ta papa baby”
“Whoa camel!  Whoa!”
“Goodbye rabbit!” 
“Now drink up varmint!”
“Say yer prayers varmint!”
“Now ya varmint … dive!”
“Drop that sword varmint!”
“Oooooo!  I hate that rabbit!”
“Welcome to the house of Sam”
“When I say whoa! … I mean whoa!”
“Oooooo!  I’ll keelhaul you for this!”
“No good bush whackin’ barracuda”Ehhh, what's up doc? - "Hare Trigger"
“That’s what I get for trustin’ a rabbit”
“All right now ya wise guy … Dance!”
“Say yer prayers ya long eared galoot!”
“I’m a Hessian … without no aggression”
“Get down, ya long eared mountain goat”
“Ok rabbit … you forced me to use force”
“Now all-a-you skunks clear outta here!”
“Oooooo!  I’ll blast your head off for this!”
“Aha!  Now I gotcha … ya fur-bearin’ crittter!”
“I’m a-givin’ ya one second to draw a gun”
“Huh … missed again ya hammerhead halibut!”                         The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre’ - "Bugs Bunny Rides Again"
“Ya darn dude … I’ll give you a taste of leather!”
“Now quit stallin’ and start roastin’!”
“Come back here you muley-headed maverick”
“You ornery fur-bearin’ rebel … you’ll pay for this!”
“Now, ya carrot-chewin’ coyote! Git a goin’!”
“Start walkin’ ya doggone long eared galoot”
“Now get that flea-bitten carcass off’n my real estate!”
“Stranger, you just yupped yourself into a hole in the head!”
“So long, sucker! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …”  
“What’s up doc?  I ain’t no doc … I’m a pirate, sea goin’ Sam”
“Blast your scuppers ya barnacle bitten land lubber”
“Say your prayers varmint … dead rabbits tell no tales”
“Oooo ya long eared, fur bearin’ flat-footed varmint!”
“Blast his scuppers … I’ll slice his liver out for this!”
“Shut off that judybox! … I can’t hear myself a-speechin’ ”
“Oooo … that gastronomic, epicure, culinary crepe suzette … I hate him!”
“Aha!  There ya are ya buck-toothed barnacle … say yer prayers”
“All right all right don’t rush me, I’m-a-thinkin’ … and my head hurts”
“Nobody ‘ill vote for a flattened out rabbit skin, a-huh huh … I always say”
“Who am I?  I’m Sam Von Schmamm the Hessian … that’s who I am”
“I’m a-sailin’ with the tide … or my name ain’t Shanghai Sam … and it is”
“There’s your piana rabbit … now let’s see ya play it”
“Ya doggone idgit galoot … you’ll blow the ship to smithereenies!”
“I’m the hootinst, tootinist, shootinist bobtail wildcat in the west!”
“Oooo … get me a a mouth piece … I wanna a hapus corpeas!”
“Great horny toadies!  I musta dug clean through to Chiney!”
“Back, back, back … down ya shark livered varmint!”
“I smells carrots a-cookin’ … and where there’s carrots, there’s rabbits”
“Oooo … that dirty bilge rat has be-fouled my good name”
“The varmint got me … I’m-a-headin’… for the last round up”
“Great horny toads … a trespasser gettin’ footie prints all over my desert”
“I sees ya … come on out-a-there ya long eared blue coat”
“Oooo, I’d like to lay my hands on the lily-livered swab is writ that forgery”
“10 dollars! Why it’s gettin’ so a man can’t earn a dishonest livin’ no more”
“5:15 … I’ll take care of you later, I gotta catch a train … and rob it!”
“Haw haw haw haw … and keep reachin’ for the ceiling, till ya reach it!”
“Now be there any livin’ varmint is aims to try to tame me? … Well be there?”
“The first dang Yankee that steps out of that dugout, gets his head blasted off!”
“Get a-goin’ … or I’ll blow your carcass right out from under yer hat!”
“Read faster rabbit … read faster or I’ll blast your head off!”
“No more gentleman’s stuff, from now on you fights my way … dirty!”
“Aha!  There ya are ya buck-toothed barnacle … say your prayers”
“Avast there!  Come back here … you barnacle-bitten swab”
“I’m a-sailin’ with the tide, or my name ain’t Shanghai Sam … and it is”
“Any one-a-you lily-livered, bow-legged varmints care to slap leather with me?”
“Cut it out!  Now drink yer juice before I blows the fur off’n yer hide!”
“Ya double-crossers!  I’m a-comin’ back, and I ain’t comin back to play marbles!”
“Blast your ornery hide, if ya does that just once more … I ain’t a-going after it”
“I’m a-comin’ over the wall after ya … and I’m a-comin’ in a-shootin’!”
“I paid my four bits to see the high divin’ act … and I’m-a gonna see the high diving act!”
“Be you the mean hombre’ that’s a-hankerin’ for a heap a trouble stranga! … well be ya?”
“Oooo!  Ya long eared, fur bearin’, flat-footed varmint … say yer prayers ya critter!”
“Ya better say your prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m-a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies!”
“Blast your scuppers ya barnacle bitten landlubber … come down here and fight like a man!”
“Now where’s that swab a-hidin’ at … I’ll blast the fur clean off a-his flea-bitten hide!”
“The first one is trys to get outta here to warn that rabbit … gets his hide blown off!”
“I’m no doc, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m Riff-Raff Sam … the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!”
“Ya double crossin’ rabbit, ya cut down your chances … I’m only goin’ count 2, and then blast ya!”
“Ya crazy idgit bedraggled dragon … I warned ya about lettin’ your fire get low, now ya caught cold”
“That’s right, Yosemite Sam … The roughest, toughest, hombre that ever locked horns with a rabbit”
“What’s up?  Why you ornery, fur-bearin’ critter … this here’s one of them there train robbery hold ups”
“Yah mule!  Yah yah yah!!!  Whoa camel, whoa, whoa, whoa camel, whoa, ah ha ha come on whoa …”
“Yeah, Yosemite Sam … The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre’ is ever crossed the Rio Grande”
“Yeah, Chilikoot Sam … The roughest, toughest, rootinest, shootinest claim-jumper that ever jumped a claim”
“Oooo!  Belay there you long eared galoot, get aloft and furl the tatter-sole top gallants before I keel-hauls ya!”
“Great horny toads, I’m up North! … Gotta burn my boots, they touched Yankee soil”
“Ok ya fur-bearin’ carpet-bagger … I’m-a-givin’ ya one second to come out or I’ll blow ya out!  Times up!”
“I’m Yosemite Sam … The meanest, toughest, rip-roarin-est, Edward Everett Horton-est hombre whatever packed a six shooter!”

140 thoughts on “Yosemite Sam Sayings

      • Didn’t he also say, “I like it, I like it” when Bugs was playing piano in Sam’s uncle’s mansion? He only liked the awful piano concerto by BB to inherit a fortune from the rich uncle, greedy bastard! Bugs is awesome though. He made Sam believe he would only get the money if he did not “blow his lid…” CLASSIC!!

    • I remember a quote ( one often played on the radio ) that went, “A woman! A woman! I goooottta have a woman!” Is this a real Yosemite Sam quote or maybe a voice artist con job?

      • Hey Stan, I don’t remember Yosemite Sam speaking those words … There was a song in the 70’s named Troglodyte (Cave Man) by The Jimmy Castor Bunch that did sing those same words … Good old song

      • I remember the same quote. The quote was played on Connecticut WHCN, WCCC or WPLR radio quite a bit back in the 80’s.

        I was looking for it and came here.

    • 12th. One down. 😮 they did omit, ” I know you’re in there… I can hear ya breathin!”

  1. I’m pretty sure that ‘Shut up shuttin’ up’ is uttered by Rocky in ‘Bugsy and Mugsy’ from 1957.

    • My apologies, it is actually from 1954’s ‘Bugs and Thugs’. I had to dig out my collection to find it because I just knew 1957 was too late for that quote! Not bad for an aging sievehead like me…

      • They didn’t say the one that goes”you rackem frackem ?????? I don’t remember the rest can someone help

  2. Actually YS does say it but I can’t find the exact episode. You are correct though that Rocky does say it also.

  3. Actually, to go along with this quote “Yeah, Yosemite Sam … The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre’ is ever crossed the Rio Grande”, should be, “And I don’t mean Mahatma Gahndi. Now all you dirty skunks clear on outta here” To where a skunk saunters out saying; “My, but weren’t there a lot of dirty skunks in here.”

  4. “That dirty perka shorka bat-flattin’ portin’ filabunkabertin’, perkalooma burtin’ dirtin’ boostinattin’ bartin’ anatom, oooooooh!” – From Hare To Heir

    • He says something like that in From Hare to Heir: “Stop that music you crazy racket fracket varmint rabbit!!”

    • Yes. Actually he did. My grandmother and I always used to lose it when he would go on a rant and start cursing, but y’know they can’t say curse words on a cartoon, so he just comes up with words like “rassel-frackin'”.

  5. “I’m a pirate, Sea-Goin’ Sam, the blood-thirstiest, shoot-’em-first-iest, doggone worst-iest buccaneer that ever sailed the Spanish main!”

    from Buccaneer Bunny

  6. My favorites have always been:

    “Dragons is so stupid!”


    “I’m a gonna make you my partner. All you gotta do is find the gold, and I’ll share it with ya.”

  7. I need to find out who said, “I’m a rootin’ toot tootin’ two gun shootin’ wild west buccaneer.” Pretty sure it was sam but can’t find it.

  8. One of my favorite YS quotes:

    “I saw ya sneak in there, ya **YELLOW-LIVERED SCHWEINHUNT!!” (From “Dumb Patrol,” of course!!)

      • That was written by Sylvester when yet another one of his plans were foiled. Like the time he nailed boards together to get across a yard full of dogs, when it fell, he said “Oh suffering suffocats” before he fell. It’s one of his famous lines, but Yosemite Sam didn’t say it.

        • Amanda,
          The exclamation Sylvester actually used was “suffering succotash!” It’s even listed in the Urban Dictionary: 1) suffering succotash: An exclamation of annoyance and surprise, made famous by the cartoon character Sylvester the cat …
          Thanks for posting, it’s always been one of my favorite lines …


  9. It was “gettin footy prints all over my [desert]”, that was in the first part of the cartoon. I got raisd-up on all of them-thar cartoons, (I turned 70 July 2nd, no TV until the mid-fifys only movies once a month, sometimes once a week) I have mental images of all of those young guys (I have a thing on another computer they made where they told how they got starter) where thinking-up all of those funny things to say and laughing their ASSES off!! Michael said that.

  10. I always remember when BB tricked him into getting locked in an oven, anyway instead of saying something like gee its getting hot in here he screams in the “not so worried but more annoyed manner” “GEE ITS GETTING POWERFULL WARM IN HERE” I laugh when I think about it still 🙂

    david from Falcom wextern australia

  11. Does anyone remember a cartoon that ends with a dynamite blast and YS and his cabin soaring into the heavens? I think he said, “Well, what do ya know? a cabin in the sky.” Or maybe BB said that?

  12. What about: Ooh! I hates Christmas! And I hates mistletoe! And I hates kissing! That was in a Christmas one.

  13. I didn’t see this one…..while playing cards with Bugs….” I’m thinkin’. And my head hurts.”

    • It’s “Rassin Frassin Daggin Zaggit” and, yes, it’s pure Yosemite Sam. The story (told by Mel Blanc on one of Johnny Carson’s shows) was that Fritz Freling left an empty space in the script and Blanc ad-libbed the worst cursing he thought they could get past the censors…

  14. I’m certain that many of the original Yosemite Sam episodes are “lost” in vaults because of cultural sensitivities. As a child of the ’60s, I’m very aware of the rabid anti-japanese sense of the Looney tunes cartoons of the war time. Bugs certainly could bring it and verbally sling it.

    I always liked “dagnabbit”. How can this miss the list? It’s a censor proof form of “goddammit”.

  15. “Come on outta that thar hole ya flea-bitten varmint afor I blow the fur clean off’n yer carcass!”

  16. Serious fans surely realize Sams way with camels is the same as it is with any other domesticate, be it dragons or otherwise. =)

  17. No idea where he said it, but I’m sure there’s “Ahhhhm ready!” out there somewhere.

    I used to use it as a drop-in sound bite on the radio.

  18. I seem to recall the angry quote: “I hate you rabbit”…but did not see it up above…I did however catch the 3 second clip on youtube in the scene: high diving act, the saloon…etc. This is an iconic quote that keeps haunting me and I just start to smile. When that happens, my wife or my son just look over and ask what am I smiling about. Of curse by now, they know. LOL
    thank you for sharing this with us. My 13 year old will never know the humor of Mel Blanc :-))

  19. Unless I missed it in this list or the comments above, I believe one of his feisty sayings, after whipping out his trusty sidearms, was “Back off, Varmint!”

    • Not quite sure if that is an exact quote Phil. I’ll have to research it looking through my video collection, and then post it.

      Thanks for the input … Dino

  20. Glad to see one person in comments mentioned a commonly-used YS term of “tarnation”, as in” what in tarnation are ya doin’?”. Cracked me up every time.

  21. Hi, Dino — Thank you for compiling this fabulous list. One of my favorite Sam sound bites is of him singing this verse from Go Get the Axe:

    Peepin’ through the knot-hole
    of grandpa’s wooden leg,
    Who’ll wind the clock when I’m gone?
    Go get the ax
    There’s a flea in Lizzie’s ear,
    For a boy’s best friend is his mother. (“muddah!!”)

    • You bet … And thanks for contributing. I would like to eventually install a forum on this site and Yosemite’s “peer” Foghorn Leghorn. Discussions on these characters (including Bugs) would definitely be entertaining! As always, props to Mel Blanc & Warner Bros.

  22. Does anyone remember “my sacroiliacs out of whack!?” …seems that Sam either said it to the ‘Doc’ or was repeating it quoting the Doc? My gal insists she has said it her entire life since seeing it, usually in reference to her own back pain. 🙂

  23. Which cartoon was it in which Yosemite Sam grumbled something like “Rasa Fratten Masa Flaten” while falling from a castle window that Bugs Bunny tricked him into running out?

  24. One of my favorite sayings from Yosemite Sam was,”Which one of you sidewinders want to slap leather?” I didn’t see it on the list. Have I been mistaken all these years?

  25. I wish I could remember what one I saw this line on, but I use it all of the time.
    “you’ll notice I didn’t say reached”

    Any help would be great! 🙂

  26. I remember a line of Sam’s that went; “… is the dumbest critters!” But damned if I can remember what it was he named (rabbits, varmints, dragons, etc ?)

    Great site, Dino.

  27. What makes me laugh till now was his campaigning promise of pure nonsense meaning: “there’s enough fresh air and sunshine, in this great country of ours for everybody, and i’ll see to it that you get your share!!!”

  28. What about “well that frickin frackin splikin splakin long eared varmint can go bite me” I believe Jim Backus was kicked off the radio for saying that in the 50’s

  29. My favorite , that I post on fb every Christmas, from the Bugs Bunny Christmas, is Sam saying, ‘I’m a gonna sleep all through Christmas. That way I won’t hurt my eyes lookin at all them ugly decorations.’

  30. My grandson tells me that he heard Sam say, after being blown up, “Now I’m mad!”. Any confirmation of this from anyone?

  31. My favourite saying is when YS (I think) says “I knew it” but pronounces it “Aa noooo it” in an angry voice.

    Can’t seem to find it though and am dying to hear it again.

  32. When did he say lm the rootenist tootenist shootenist long eared cowpoke north south east and west of the Pecos

    • When did he say I’m the rootenist tootenist shootenist long eared cowpoke north south east and west of the Pecos.

  33. Didn’t YS break that fourth wall now and then and speak to the audience? I seem to recall one instance when he turned to the ‘camera,’ and said something about a “Richard” (I think). {Love this thread!}

      • Loius Jordan and His Tympani Five had a comedic hit at the time, ‘Open The Door, Richard!’

        ‘Ya yellow livered schweinhunt ‘ is a gasser.

  34. Thanks for compiling this list..we were cracking up! Does anyone remember YS saying “Jumpin Johasaphat”?

  35. What’s the high-dive episode when YS says “Great Horny Toads! Whatcha doin’ down there upside-downy?” To which BB says “I’m not upside down, YOU’RE upside down!” And YS falls – upward.

  36. Wasn’t YS known for saying Back off I tell ya…. I know I’ve seen tons of mud flaps that have YS on them that say Back Off.

  37. Trying to remember the cartoon where YS says (something like):”Awright rabbit, now we’re gonna fight my way – dirty!”

  38. Wasn’t the line I’m the ” roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre’ as ever crossed the Rio Grande” followed by, “… and I ain’t no mamby-pamby!” ?

    Many thanks for putting this site together. I grew up on Looney Toons and still love them. YS is one of my all-time favorite.

    • The one I remember is YS walks in a saloon, shoots off both his six guns without removing them from the holsters it raises him off the floor, and he says, “Any of you lilly-livered flee-bitten varmits want to slap leather with me? before you do, you should know I am the most rootin tootin shootin cowboy east, west north and ,,,, south of the pecos, then the camera switches to BB leaning on his elbows with his back to the bar, wearing a 10 gallon hat, pulled down over his face and BB says,,, naaaaaa shutup,,, YS rushes up to him and goes nose to nose with BB and says,,, say your prayers rabbit, yous is going to be eating lead, and BB says, and yous been eating onions

  39. OK I see the quote now: “No more gentleman’s stuff, from now on you fights my way … dirty!”


  40. What about YS replying to Bug’s saying “I speak softly, but I carry a bi-i-i-ig stick!” and YS saying, “Well, I speak LOUD! And I carry a BIGGER stick! And I use it, too! And besides; show me babies! Lots of babies!” then he goes around kissing babies.

  41. Great Stuff!
    Did YS ever say: Ya long-eared, funny-eyed galoot?

    I think I remember him saying that after coming out of some sort of anesthesia ..

  42. Don’t sneeze Dragon, DON’T SNEEZE, you’re gonna blow us all to smithereenies … stupid Dragon.

  43. I can’t remember the quote exacgly but who said, “I’m so hungry I could a, a, …..” and that’s all I remember. A gruffy voice comes to mind like YS but I’m mot sure.

  44. There is another quote of note where Sam is after gold in Alaska and he vows, ” I get that critter if I have to chase himm thru every state in the Union. ( which he proceeds forth as stated until the final scene in Kentucky. )

  45. Did YS say, “Them’s fightin’ words”? Sounds like something he’d have said, but I’m not sure if maybe I’m imagining it was him.

  46. Wasn’t “why I outside give ya the back a me hand” a Sam quote? I was looking for a gif…

  47. I LOVE the old Saturday morning cartoons – Bugs, Sylvester, Wile E Coyote, and the rest.

    Did YS day something like “frammin in the human gripping at the krotz”? If so, which episode?


    • Stupid autocorrect! Worse than idgit dragons!

      I meant “frammin in the jimjam, frippin at the krotz”

  48. Oh my goodness . Fuunnnny. I love Yosemite Sam. His short temper and the things he says are hysterical. I love Looney tunes.

  49. There is a saying by Sam …The roughest, toughest…hombre… west of the Pecose! Can you produce the compete quote? Thanks,

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