Yosemite Sam Quotes

Yosemite Sam QuotesAvast there!  Welcome to the house of Sam … Yosemite Sam that is.  The roughest, toughest, mean ol’ hombre to ever jump a claim.  I’ve ventured far and wide in my travels, be it by air, land or sea.  I’ve been a pirate, a prospector and a gunslinger, to name but a few.  North, south, east, and west, it seems no matter where destiny takes me, there he be, the thorn in my side … that same ol’ long eared, carrot crunchin’ rabbit … goes by the name-a-Bugs Bunny.
If it please ya stranger, then join me and a cast of characters on a bold new adventure throughout this here territory known as Yosemite Sam Quotes.  Take part and behold as I ‘square off’ and lock horns with that crafty critter.  I’ll be holed up here a spell, so make yourself comfortable and stay awhile.  Scroll down below, click on a page above … or head on over to my Metacafe channel and laugh out loud as the varmint does his best to do me in!

5 thoughts on “Yosemite Sam Quotes

  1. Yosemite Sam has been my Patron Saint since as long as I can remember. I used to buy comic books only because he was in them. WHY? I don’t know-there’s just something about him that makes me laugh and feel good.

  2. I saw a Yosemite picture on the back of an RV and it showed Yosemite sitting on a comode with his pants down to his knees and his comment was “Back off or I will flush it:. Would like to know there I could find a copy of this.

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