Yosemite Sam Cartoons

Hare Trigger (1945) 
Get in there! - "Rabbit Every Monday"Along Came Daffy (1947)
Buccaneer Bunny  (1948)
Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948)
High Diving Hare (1949)
Mutiny on the Bunny (1950)
Big House Bunny (1950)
Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Rabbit Every Monday (1951)
The Fair Haired Hare (1951)
Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
14 Carrot Rabbit (1952)
Hare Lift (1952)
Southern Fried Rabbit (1953)
Hare Trimmed (1953)
Captain Hareblower (1954)
Sahara Hare (1955)
Roman Legion Hare (1955)
This Is A Life? (1955)  (Brief appearance)
Rabbitson Crusoe (1956)
A Star Is Bored (1956)  (Cameo Role)
Piker’s Peak (1957)
Knighty Knight Bugs (1958)  (Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film)
Hare-Abian Nights (1959)
Wild and Woolly Hare (1959)
Horse Hare (1960)
From Hare to Heir (1960)
Lighter Than Hare (1960)
Prince Varmint (1961)  (Previously named Prince Violent)
Honey’s Money (1962)
Shishkabugs (1962)
Devil’s Feud Cake (1963)
Dumb Patrol (1964)

14 thoughts on “Yosemite Sam Cartoons

  1. Do you know the title of the YS / Bugs cartoon that highlights a cut away view YS’s peanut shaped brain. If I remember it correctly, the peanut shaped brain is pulsating while trying to communicate with YS via morse code. The coded message reads “Hey you Idiot!”

    • I’ve racked my brain trying to think of that cartoon, to no avail. Could it have been a movie? Or maybe a later cartoon that did not feature Mel Blanc?

  2. Does anybody have the long uncut audio of Mel Blanc’s fabulous falling scream at about 6:12 in “wild and wooly hare” just after he says “ya double crossin’ rabbit, ya cut down your chances, I’m only gonna count two and THEN blast ya…..one……two……” then the train continues on a trestle and Sam lets out a famous (but faded out too soon) scream as he plunges into the water below the trestle. That 1959 Mel Blanc scream voice was so perfectly done after the flat, calm count of …..one…..two…….
    That voice over effect exists somewhere on tape, probably recorded on a Studer tape machine as the world’s best cartoon voice did his magic. Wish I could find that original. There is a good uncluttered YS yell in “Piker’s Peak” but not with the same convincing SURPRISE of “wild and wooly hair”. Also, thank you for maintaining this site. Some of us still draw great laughs from these ancient cartoons.

  3. I have scanned so many toon sites and cannot find it… do you know the name or episode
    number to the cartoon w/ Sam and Bugs -where Sam chasing Bugs up and down and over the sand dunes until bugs hides in on the outside appears to be a tiny little tent in the middle of it all… when bugs sticks his head inside though it is enormous and hung with carpets and lamps etc…? He meets a giant Arab with Scimtar inside who looks a great deal like “Crusher” the boxer from some other bugs cartoons..
    It is making me crazy.
    TY for maintaining the sitre I really miss these old cartoons that I grewup on. Kid n ow don’t have anything remotely like this. Sad really.
    A L Wilson

    • The only two that come to mind are “Sahara Hare” or “Hare-Abian Nights” I’ll keep an eye out, although what you’re describing may be a later, less known cartoon.


  4. does anyone remember the name of yosemites sidekick inthe episode with him and bugs bunny when he has dinamite taken down bugs bunny hole to blast him out cant remember his name

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