Bugs Bunny Quotes

Bugs Bunny - "Bugs Bunny Rides Again"“Ehhhhhh, shut up!”
“Ehhhh, what’s up doc?”
“What’s the hassle, Schmasel?”
“Gin rummy’s my game Sam”
“Heh, just like Gary Cooper huh?”
“Ahoooy there! … What’s up doc?”
“Well, anyone for Russian roulette?”
“So long Sammy!  See you in Miami!”
“I don’t ask questions, I just have fun”
‘Ata boy Sambo, give’m both barrels!”
“Ahhh, your brother blows bubblegum!”
“Ehhh, what is up, m’sieur le physician?”
“Poor little maroon, so trusting, so naive”
“Ehhh, so long screwy, see ya in St. Louie”
“I can do anything you can do, only better”
“Hey, just a minute you! Them’s fightin’ words!”
“Hey doc, what’s that song you’re playin’?  I like it”
“I suppose I’ll have to dispose of the little monster”
“Gee, I couldn’t do that to the little guy … hey Sam!”
“What! Sore again?  Ehhh, what a nasty disposition”
“Well … I’m willing to do anything my public demands”
“Oh no you don’t, the captain goes down with his ship!”
“Well, like the Romans always say … E pluribus uranium”
“Ain’t ya comin’ in Mac?  The girls have been askin’ for ya”
“Ehhh, what’s up Doc?  You with the sideshow around here?”
“I’ve heard of Hell’s Angels, but I never thought I’d see one”
“A few of my poor relations … they’re always ready for a touch”
“Stop steamin’ up my tail!  What are ya tryin’ to do … wrinkle it?”
“Eh, you wouldn’t be so tough if you weren’t wearin’ that uniform”
“Well, what do you know … there’s the little Wiener Schnitzel now”
“Come on, come on, step on it, we’ve still gotta make Rio De Janeirio”
“You know, sometimes me conscience bothers me … but not this time”
“It just goes to show ya that a one-eyed jack rabbit can beat a king”
“Hurry, hurry, get your free cigars, every cigar’s a vote for Bugs Bunny”
“Yes, heh heh heh heh, a rabbit, and just who do you think you are?”
“Oh you’re mistaken Mac, you see I’m not 777174, I’m only three and a half”
“Just a minute partna’, you can’t talk to me like that, them’s fightin’ words”
“Heh, heh, heh, heh, that Yosemite Sam, what a character, what a maroon”
“I assume it would not be too improper to borrow a cup of diced carrots, huh?”
“Ha! You have insult the great lover, the marquess of Queensbury Rules, take this!”
“Now just a minute Red, ain’t you got that wrong?  You mean, dead men tell no tales”
“Is he to be doomed to utter destruction? … Will he be rendered non compos mentis?”
“Now just a minute Von Schmamm the Hessian, this happens to be me native soil and I like it”
“Don’t beat me Masser!  Please don’t beat me Masser!  Don’t beat that tired old body, no don’t!”
“Later I found myself in the Sarara desert, where I met the stupidest character of them all, Yosemite Sam”

5 thoughts on “Bugs Bunny Quotes

  1. I soooooo miss Looney Tunes. I did manage to find (on VHS) the Daffy Duck Fantastic Island movie. I don’t own a VCR, but I own my favorite VHS Daffy movie. Favorite part is where Bugs Bunny is acting (offscreen) as a pencil sketch artist and messes with Daffy in each sketch. In my favorite of those sketches, Daffy requests an island to swim to. Bugs draws it “far away” after Daffy requested a “close-up, a close-up” right? So Bugs fills the TV screen with Daffy’s eyeballs, and Daffy asks….. THIS IS A CLOSE-UP?

    Of course it does not read well at all, but the way he says it…. my younger brother and I have been throwing this quote back and forth over the years… guess you just had to be there… I’m juss sayin’

  2. What about the MUSIC??? Fully orchestrated and performed. Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes. Lot’s of original material. Must have been very expensive. Any insight?

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